The door was cracked open as ma went out earlier.

The storm they heard of on the radio really was coming, and it mad the sky look like it was having a funeral for the sun.

The porch creaked underneath her big'ol feet.

"Bessie is that you?" Ma called out to her.

"Yes ma it's me." She replied.

"Well, why are you sneaking like some thief?" Ma scolded her.

"donno ma." She replied to ma.

"Well, you know I love ya?" Ma called out in a softer tone.

"I know ma." She told ma.

She took a few more steps outside and she saw ma rocking in that old rocker.

Ma had pa's old shooter on her lap.

As ma saw her ma gripped pa's shooter.

"Bessie you know I love ya?" ma called out to her gripping pa's shooter.

"I know ma." She told ma.

"Well, why are out 'ere for?" Ma asked her.

"Well, I wanted to play." She told ma.

"Get inside and play." Ma told her.

Bessie went over to bush right in front of their cabin that a snake moved into.

"Bessie." Ma called out to her.

"Bessie!" Ma called again.

"BESSIE!" Ma yelled out to her.

"Yes ma?" She replied back to ma.

"What ya doing by that bush?" Ma called out.

"I'm just playing." She told ma.

"You better not be playing wit' no snake." Ma called out.

"But, ma it aint bad." She told ma.

"Bessie get inside!" Ma yelled at her.

"But, ma the snake aint bad." She told ma.

"What y'all color folk doing out 'ere?" A man said to them.

"Get away from my girl!" Ma yelled at the two men.

"Aint no reason to point that at us." The man wearing denim overalls and blonde hair said.

"Yeah aint no reason." The man white shirt stained brown and brunette hair said.

"I know who you are!" Ma told the men.

"What, are you going to shoot us?" The blonde man asked ma.

She heard a loud bang and smoke come from pa's gun when she suddenly felt a hot syrup rain on her.

All she could do was cry as she saw the blonde man fall to ground trying to tell her something.

The other man ran for his life, but ma was good shot, and she saw mist spray from his head as ma shot him down.

"Bessie." Ma called out to her.

"Bessie!" Ma called again.

"BESSIE!" Ma yelled out to her.


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