Some Python

Still here. Checking out some programming. Decided on Python.  Don't ask. Started on Learn Python The Hard Way ( ) and got up to Chapter 39 .  It's pretty great and I highly recommend people check it out.  It's totally free and you can support the creator either through those previous links or by buying the book on Amazon . Around that time I picked up Learning Python and have been reading through it as well to get some more background on exactly how the program I wrote in LPTHW CH39 even worked.  Learning Python also gives me some perspective on the differences between Python 2.x and Python 3.x. Also, started writing programs and scripts to help my do my job, which is nice. Things are good, if not a bit busy. Sorry for not stopping by my often. Anyway, I highly recommend you guys give Python a whirl.   Learn Python The Hard Way is actually a pretty great introduction to the language and

My Destiny Is Unclear

As I'm sure many of you are also doing this week I have been playing a lot of Destiny . I'm enjoying the game and that's the problem:  I can already see the beginning of the end when it comes to my enjoyment of this game and it's complicating my current enjoyment. That said, I'm still loving the gameplay.  I enjoy the feel of the arsenal.  I enjoy the Halo-style encounters that I'm placed in and the close calls that I only barely survived due to some split second decisions.   However, unlike the Halo games the gameplay parameters do not feel perfectly crafted and tuned.  A layer of randomization has been added over everything: the number of hits needed to take down an enemy is no longer a product of impeccable balance but is now the byproduct of hundreds of dice rolls.  When was the last time the game gave me a suitable upgrade for my gear?  What are the stats on my primary weapon?  What is the level difference between the enemy and myself?  Whi

Wrestling with the Weight of the Present

I wasn't sure exactly how I should handle this. Questlove of the Roots eloquently expressed himself when he said that the verdict showed how little he was worth: What do I say?  Not sure.. I know that the weight of the present is on top of our shoulders, pressing down.  This is a weight that is felt by some but not all.  It is an invisible and, at times, you get used to it and forget that it is even there.  However, there is always an incident to snap you back into reality.   You stand less tall than others as a result of the burden weighing you down.  You are less. The weight of the past?  That doesn't exist anymore.. now does it? That's what I'm told, at least. The past and the present..  Oh, how they intertwine..


Bessie The door was cracked open as ma went out earlier. The storm they heard of on the radio really was coming, and it mad the sky look like it was having a funeral for the sun. The porch creaked underneath her big'ol feet. "Bessie is that you?" Ma called out to her. "Yes ma it's me." She replied. "Well, why are you sneaking like some thief?" Ma scolded her. "donno ma." She replied to ma. "Well, you know I love ya?" Ma called out in a softer tone. "I know ma." She told ma. She took a few more steps outside and she saw ma rocking in that old rocker. Ma had pa's old shooter on her lap. As ma saw her ma gripped pa's shooter. "Bessie you know I love ya?" ma called out to her gripping pa's shooter. "I know ma." She told ma. "Well, why are out '

New Blog Contributors

Hello everyone, I'm one of the new contributors on this blog.  Hopefully this means that the blog will be updated at a faster rate than before.  We all know that glaciers move slowly ;) -Xasio

Tough Times Ahead

I've been reading through  China Mieville's Perdido Street Station after previously putting the book down and it's an interesting story.  The author has a great way of making every single thing he writes about feel dirty, used, and wretched. I haven't finished the book yet but what I have read is now pretty engaging.  Multiple story threads are starting to intermingle and no pleasant outcome seems likely.  It's only fitting that this book ends on a down note.

Of New Years and Better Times

Well, the new year is here and I'm still around.  Haven't done much writing lately.  Also haven't done much reading.  I will update you all later on.  Pretty consumed by work, as I always seem to be at this time if year. Later. Sent from my Kindle Fire