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My Destiny Is Unclear

As I'm sure many of you are also doing this week I have been playing a lot of Destiny . I'm enjoying the game and that's the problem:  I can already see the beginning of the end when it comes to my enjoyment of this game and it's complicating my current enjoyment. That said, I'm still loving the gameplay.  I enjoy the feel of the arsenal.  I enjoy the Halo-style encounters that I'm placed in and the close calls that I only barely survived due to some split second decisions.   However, unlike the Halo games the gameplay parameters do not feel perfectly crafted and tuned.  A layer of randomization has been added over everything: the number of hits needed to take down an enemy is no longer a product of impeccable balance but is now the byproduct of hundreds of dice rolls.  When was the last time the game gave me a suitable upgrade for my gear?  What are the stats on my primary weapon?  What is the level difference between the enemy and myself?  Whi