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Some Python

Still here. Checking out some programming. Decided on Python.  Don't ask. Started on Learn Python The Hard Way ( ) and got up to Chapter 39 .  It's pretty great and I highly recommend people check it out.  It's totally free and you can support the creator either through those previous links or by buying the book on Amazon . Around that time I picked up Learning Python and have been reading through it as well to get some more background on exactly how the program I wrote in LPTHW CH39 even worked.  Learning Python also gives me some perspective on the differences between Python 2.x and Python 3.x. Also, started writing programs and scripts to help my do my job, which is nice. Things are good, if not a bit busy. Sorry for not stopping by my often. Anyway, I highly recommend you guys give Python a whirl.   Learn Python The Hard Way is actually a pretty great introduction to the language and