Reading slowly...

I am slowly reading through A Dance with Dragons and I enjoy it, so far.  About 30% through.  I'm only reading it for a few minutes before I go to sleep.

There are a lot of exposition bombs in this book, though.  Two out of every three chapters is dominated by pure exposition.  This doesn't bug me when it is used sparingly or when the narrative picks up after a few pages but started with Feast it seems like the author is doing this more often.  It was largely the reason why Feast is my least favorite book in the series.

I am also playing E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy on Steam.  This is an odd game and I love it.  Very poorly localized and with an interface that is like gently caressing your eyes with sand.  The gameplay is a fast paced Source shooter where the bad guys go down in a few hits (strongest guy I've seen is a helicopter that explodes after 2 armor piercing sniper shots), with a fairly detailed RPG stat system, the EVE Online tech research system stuck on fast-forward, support for up to 32-player multiplayer, gigantic levels, and a fun ability/tech system.  There are also respawning enemies and random quest objectives which may throw some people off.  It's a rough game, by all means, but I find it really enjoyable.

It's getting late and this post is likely riddled in typos, as it is.  Good night.


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